Mentoring Resources


External mentors are scholars from outside of the McNair Scholar's home institution who provide informal advice, extend the scholar’s academic reach, and can serve as a source for letters of recommendation. External mentors do not substitute for or interfere with the formal home institution faculty mentoring relationship; they augment it. External mentors are expected to meet with their scholars, and jointly with their faculty mentors when possible, at least three times during the McNair internship, to discuss milestones such as project selection, interim status, and steps after project completion.

If you are a current McNair Scholar, please take advantage of this great opportunity to work with leading business scholars from around the globe to strengthen your McNair experience. Don't be shy -- they're waiting for you to contact them! Review the sheet below, in consultation with your home institution faculty mentor. It may help to download the file to your computer so that you can sort it and search according to research areas and other factors of interest. Please do NOT manipulate the main file that we all are using. Once you have found a suitable External Mentor, please contact them directly. If you find no one fitting, then please get in touch with the Lead Mentor in your closest disciplinary area. When you match with an external mentor, please let us know, so that we can track who remains available. Send an email to:

If you are an active research professor in business willing to volunteer as an external mentor, please add your information to this sheet. Please hover your cursor over the spreadsheet to find the link in the upper right corner, or click here:

External Mentors for McNair Business Scholars


Lead Mentors are prominent scholars who oversee the pool of external mentors within their specialist areas and disciplines of business.

If you need advice or assistance in finding an external mentor for your McNair project, please reach out to the relevant Lead Mentor.

Ruth Aguilera

International Business

Jose Rosa


Chris Tucci

Strategy & Innovation

Human Resource Management

Joanne Ciulla

Philosophy & Ethics

Sandra Waddock

Business in Society

Simi Kedia


Dale Rogers

Supply Chain Management

Aseem Prakash

Political Science

Mike Russo

Environmental Sustainability

Belle Rose Ragins

Psychology / IO Psychology

Marc Ventresca

Sociology & Entrepreneurship

Shaila Miranda

Management Information Systems

Marvin Washington

Sport Management


Mike Barnett, Professor of Management & Global Business at Rutgers Business School, is an early McNair Scholar, completing the program in 1991 at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Why he didn't think of it sooner, well no one knows, but in Fall 2020, he realized that there were surprisingly few senior business scholars from the McNair Program and saw the need to create this network. He is fortunate to be joined by Ishva Minefee, who completed the McNair Program in 2009 at the University of Illinois and is now an Assistant Professor there. We're here to help in any way we can!