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Selecting a McNair project in business

September 17th, 2021, 3-4:30pm EDT

A webinar for accepted McNair Scholars and their mentors, discussing how to choose a viable and excellent research project in business that will work within the scope of the McNair Program and beyond. Recent alumni will discuss their projects and the challenges they faced.

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Mike Barnett, Professor of Strategy, Rutgers Business School

PhD (NYU/Stern); McNair Alum (U of Missouri-Columbia); Founder, McNair Business Scholars Network


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Applying to PhD programs in business

October 15th, 2021, 3-4:30pm EDT

A webinar intended for current McNair Scholars and recent alumni, though open to others, focused on how and where to apply and what to expect throughout the selection process for PhD programs in business .

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Ishva Minefee, Assistant Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State U.

PhD & McNair Alum (U of Illinois-UC); Director,

McNair Business Scholars Network


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Why become a McNair Scholar in business?

Panel discussion of McNair alumni who are now business school professors. Find out what it takes and why it's worth it, straight from those who have done it.

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Why become a McNair Scholar in business?

Review the PowerPoint slides associated with this webinar. One striking figure: only 37 of 2,539 recent McNair Scholars were business majors. Let's do better!

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Best practices for McNair Programs in business

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